Renáta Balogh

graphic designer


„Art is the proper task of life.” (F. Nietzsche)

I am Renáta Balogh I was born in Budapest on May 9, 1986.

I live in Pécel I like this town because of the people who live there and it’s beautiful landscape. I have many good memories in connection with Pécel e.g. I went to elementary school in Pécel and my first exhibition was also here.

I have been fond of drawing since of my childhood. I have learned different things e.g. Aesthetics, Germanistic and I tried several jobs but the art is still present in my life. I was going to art courses where I learned to paint and I have become a member of an art group in Pécel. We exhibited our pictures many times together. I completed a graphic designer course in Budapest where I learned the basics of the computer graphics.

My favorite themes are the diffrent details of nature, trees, birds and the human face.

I like computer graphics also. You can create a lot of things with assistance of the computer graphics, moreover I can use my creativity when I work with graphic softwares.

I reckon that it is essential to do what you like to do in your life and make other people happy with your work. I believe that I have found it in drawing and graphic design.

Drawings, paintings

Computer graphics

I can create the following products:

  • Unique graphics
  • Corporate identity
  • Poster
  • Flyer
  • Fold out
  • Invitation card
  • Publications, books
  • Illustrations
  • Email bulletin

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